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Declaration of CCPDD on the inflammatory speech of the UNC Deputy Omer BULAKALI in Baraka city

Dernière mise à jour : 19 nov. 2020

tHE Citizen Campaign for Peace and Sustainable Development in DRC Congo, (CCPDD), is deeply shocked by the words of the UNC provincial deputy, Omer BULAKALI MWANAWABENE, at the meeting held on November 30, 2019 in Baraka (Fizi territory) in the province of South Kivu in the Democratic Republic of Congo, during which he pronounced a virulent speech calling on the people of the territory of Fizi to exterminate all Banyamulenge, or failing that, to drive them out of Congolese soil in an operation which, according to his plan, would begin December 2, 2019. Mr. Omer BULAKALI MWANAWABENE has, at the same time, said to be supported by the Congolese government in this macabre plan unworthy of humans.

CCPDD strongly condemns such incendiary remarks and has serious consequences and demands the dismissal of office and the arrest of Omer BULAKALI MWANAWABENE.

CCPDD calls on governmental and UN human rights NGOs to open their eyes to what is happening in the highlands of Fizi, Mwenga, and Uvira and to investigate and sanction string fencers.

The CCPDD praises the courage and bravery of SHIRIKA LA RAI Baraka's civil society for its clear position against violence and human rights violations.

CCPDD calls on the government to take tough measures against Mr. Omer BULAKALI MWANAWABENE.

Done at Bukavu December 2, 2019

CCPDD Executive Comity.

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